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Welcome to Shin-Yu Body & Mind

Hi there! It's great that you stopped by. My name's Lawrence, and this is my website dedicated to my passion for body and mind activities I practice and teach, namely: Aikido, Mindful Healing and Embodied Learning. I've been into Aikido and Shiatsu healing for quite some time now (since the early 1990s) and, along the way, I've gained a diploma in facilitating an intense and deeply rewarding warrior workshop called "The Samurai Game®". I'd like you to know more what I do and what the benefits of my practices would be for you. In brief:


Some benefits of Aikido: Develop balance, coordination, physical flexibility and agility, overcome the fear of falling, establish self-control and patience; manage stress; coordinate your life's activites with assertiveness and decisiveness; build trust and develop a good community spirit; gain body awareness, peace of mind and improve your communication skills.


Some benefits of Mindful Healing: Improve your vital health; utilize the body's natural ability to heal itself; develop sensitivity in human contact; build trust with others; enhance your abilities to give and receive. 


Some benefits of Embodied Learning: Discover new territories in your field of potential; open opportunities in your life; build trust and improve leadership, communication and relationships; broaden your perceptions of life and what you are truly capable of doing.


I've also got a national diploma in teaching Aikido, under the Aikido Nederland umbrella organisation and I have setup a regular Aikido class evey Monday in The Hague (it would be great if you could pop by and check it out some time) and classes are coming soon in Amsterdam. Also, twice per year, I am running public Samurai Game® workshops. More details about location and training times can be found on the button here-below:

About Shin-Yu
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Shin-Yu is a Japanese expression that means "Spirit of Friendship" which I chose to describe the group of practices I teach and practice. The practices are arranged such that participants gather in an atmosphere of friendship and a shared learning experience. Regardless of which practices one participates in, we lay emphasis on three states of development: 1) Body Awareness. 2) Mindfulness. 3) Connection Intelligence. 


The Shin-Yu activities held thus far are: 


Mindful Healing (Shiatsu)

Embodied Learning (Leadership training/Personal Development)


Delivering regular Aikido classes, Mindful healing treatments and classes and Embodied Learning workshops. Call Lawrence Warry to find out more: +31 624603343

Mob: +31 624603343